Having two daughters means there is an endless array of gorgeous clothing to be bought. BUT; as anyone would with kids would know, investing in anything expensive is pretty much a waste of time as they either outgrow it in three months or inevitably stain it in a way even Napisan can't help you with.

I really wanted to buy some cute fashion pieces for the girls but couldn't fathom the price tags. So I decided to start searching for a way to bring the latest fast fashion to Australia whilst keeping the pricing super affordable - and so My Mini Me was born.

I love a vintage vibe and have a weakness for girly florals so if you love this style then this is for you. My personally choose every style that is sold in the store and focus on child friendly fabrics and styles that will allow you to get that extra wear. The clothing stocked by us won't be found in your regular Australian stores and is available in limited quantities to keep pricing affordable. Popular items will also be restocked by demand! 

You will see a couple of regular cute faces on the website modelling the clothes - these are my two cuties Kendall almost 4 and Sienna 11mths. All the clothes have been tried and tested by these two for comfort, cuteness and longevity.

Finally you will see my focus is on items that can be worn in different ways giving you longevity out of your purchase, or at least until they have a growth spurt!


Happy Shopping,

love Tara x